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NAVILUNA Artisan chocolate is the first craft chocolate maker in the world to employ organic Indian origin cacao exclusively.

Our terroir centric approach to the craft aims to demonstrate the
wealth of the Indian Subcontinent through a virtuous business model that creates and distributes sustainable value up and down the value chain.

EST Mysore 2012

Global in spirit,

local in origin


Having spent the nearly decade building and refining a craft chocolate experience that puts the "new world" of cacao in the global imagination, whilst firmly establishing the category in India it is now time to extend our reach at scale in India and across the globe.

With our manufacturing facility, brasserie & dessert rooms in Mysore and global office in London, we are now poised to bring our vision to scale

Become a stakeholder as we scale our efforts to deliver equitable value up and down the supply, carried by a brand dedicated to building a legacy.

Subscribe to our Community Subscription Offer Plan (CSOP) to help catalyse the next steps of this exceptional growth story and enjoy high yielding returns whilst taking advantage of unique promotional benefits available exclusively for subscribers.

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  • CSOP SAR value: ₹275 each
  • Minimum subscription: 100 SAR’s (₹27,500)
  • Maximum subscription: multiples thereof
Duration from issuance of SARMinimum (x) times the SAR Value as on the date of grant
0-18 months1.5X
19-30 months2X
31-48 months3X
49 months onwards4x


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Growth is the result of a perpetual commitment to a defined vision and set of values over time

David Belo – founder Naviluna

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